Frequently Asked Questions

1)  Why do you only deliver to certain areas?

After crunching all the numbers and swimming in calculations, we realize that as a new business, the only way we can succeed is with baby steps. We plan on expanding as soon as it is viable!

2)  Why don't you deliver from all restaurants in Elgin?

We offer delivery from our partner restaurants every day when their hours overlap with ours. We do not deliver from fast food restaurants.

3)  What forms of payment do you take?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Because the orders have to be prepaid online, we do not accept cash or check, sorry. 

4)  Can I add on a tip when the driver arrives?

7)  Why don't you have an app that I can use to order?

After looking at all options, we found that it to too costly at this time to build a proprietary app.

8) To what subdivisions do you anticipate expanding?

We hope to expand to Manor and Bastrop in 2018.

Our Terms of Service are considered agreed to upon your use of our website. They can be found here:

9) What are your Terms of Service?

If you are happy with the service we encourage you to show your appreciation in the form of a monetary tip which can be added online when you place your order. Or you can give the driver cash when your dinner is delivered to your door!  A minimum 10% tip is required.

The delivery fee is $5, $10, or $15 for deliveries, depending on the zone.

The minimum amount for delivery is $25. The amount must be met before tax and delivery charge is added.  Additionally, there is a minimum 10% tip required for the driver.  This will retroactively charged to the card used for the purchase if none is given online or via cash to the driver.

6)  What is the minumum amount I must order for a delivery?

5)  What is the delivery fee?